1. Dhruv kapoor

    Australia migration rules, please reply

    Hello All, I am a BCA graduate , working with IBM INDIA Total exp= 5.5 years 4 years Tech Support 1.5 System administrator AIX - still cont. I am planning to migrate to Australia, consultant told me i wont get the experience points because my degree is bca and experience in sys admin. He...
  2. khannavishal

    Help on tourist visa subclass 600 and spouse visa subclass 802

    Hi @MysticRiver, @Rakshanda In need of your supporting advise on following matter: I am permanent resident of Australia with visa subclass 190 and got PR in sep 2017. Have fulfilled my obligation to enter before specified date "IED". Got medicare, TFN, bank account in australia. Had done some...
  3. Junaidulhassan10

    Subclass 189 Online application and Attaching the documents

    Dear all, I have clicked "APPLY VISA" for 189 Cat and filled the online application form. There are total of 17 steps of filling this form and last the confirmation summary. After confirming the summary I was thinking to submit the application and get the payment details to pay for my...
  4. P

    EA Rejected application due to similarities in CDR

    Guys, Today I receive my assessment outcome as rejected!!!!! Thank you for your Migration Skills Assessment Competency Demonstration Report application. Engineers Australia have identified that one or more of your career episodes have been copied – either from internet sources, publications or...
  5. GRG

    Subclass 189 Count of Cumulative work experience

    Dear All, I started working with company A from 5th july 2010 till august 15th 2015 Then I moved to company B from 23rd October 2015 ongoing till now. As I have currently 65 pts including 10pts from my work experience outside australia (5-7 years). My question is, starting from which date I...