1. Junaidulhassan10

    Experience letter (Employment reference letter)

    Dear all, Hope you all will be fine and get the visa grant soon. Well, I am a bit confused regarding submission of experience letter. I've been working with my employer since September 2011, when I submitted my CDR (October 2017 submitted) it was almost 6 years with my employer and submitted...
  2. F

    ACS Partner's Point

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I want to start the Australia immigrating process and currently preparing IELTS. I want to add IELTS and partner point. Following is my detail: - At this point total 55 point (age 25, 15 experience, 15 qualification). - Anzsco 263111 and Authority is ACS My...
  3. T

    Nomination from Vic

    Hello I have got nomination from VIC for agricultural scientist on Nov 6. I have already submitted EOI almost 2 weeks before getting nomination. Till now i have not got any invitation from DIBP. Is there any chance for not inviting despite the state nomination? what is the normal time frame for...
  4. A

    189+190+489 (Family Sponsor)

    Hi All, Im new to this website, and straight ahead i have a question on my EOI for Australia. I have 65 points in subclass 189, 70 for state sponsor (NSW) & finally 75 points on 489 (Family sponsor). I applied for 489 on 4/April/2017 and its been almost 7 months. Starting to worry as to WHEN i...
  5. H

    TWO EOI & TWO Invitations for 189 Cat

    Greetings everybody, I am new to this forum and feel happy that most of my questions answered already. I am in a Mess with my Agent actually. I hired him just for Skill Assessment and got + response. Now, he has submitted my EOI without my consent. I don't have access to that EOI and he isn't...
  6. O

    Visa Grant will delay in case occupation removed

    Hi Team, I lodged my application on 21/04/2017 ( 489 SS - SA) and submitted all documents including medical as per the CO request.My employment verification also done.But now my occupation( 312999 ) is removed from all lists.Is this delay or stop my visa grant by any means ? Regards, Oscar
  7. S

    EA Informal review after EA assessment

    Hi All, I received a positive EA assessment outcome couple of days back but unfortunately none of my employment was considered. My current employment (6 yrs) at least should have been considered as I had provided all third party documents to prove my employment and had explained job title...
  8. M

    Statutory Declaration to EA

    Hi , I have been asked to submit the contract copies of my previous employment with ministry stamps which i do not have. Moreover the company itself does not exist and there is no way i can get the stamp on it. Can somebody share how to make the statutory declaration. Can somebody share the...
  9. vishal khanna

    Why a long waiting time for grant since visa lodged ?

    Dear administrator... Hope you are doing well. I had lodged my visa 190 for SA on 27 December 2016 and got CO allocated on 17 January 2017. Got medical requirement for non migrating dependent by CO and did medicals on 07 February 2017 and updated on 08 February 2017. Got physical verification...