1. A

    ACS Change in ANZSCO ICT support engineer to Software engineer.

    Being one among those unfortunate people - who successfully assessed for ICT support engineer (263212) in 2018 and no state bothered to include the code even in their list, I have tried to go for a reassessment with new code 261313 - this is because my profile is very close to that of 313 rather...
  2. S

    ACS Should I do ACS Skills Reassessment for a New Education Degree?

    I am a partner to primary applicant. Got positive ACS assessment for Systems Analyst on March 2018. I completed a 1 year Full Time Master Degree in Data Science in July 2018. Got an Invitation in September 2018 with the existing documents. Should I do a ACS re-assessment for my situation for...
  3. Moy


    Hello Admin, I got a negative outcome for my skills assessment (VETASSESS) for my nominated occupation as "my role with my company appears to be primarily based in administration" which is deemed not relevant. I was really disappointed, but I'm applying for a reassessment as my duties were...