reference letter

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    ACS How to manage few months when i have worked for 2 employers

    My exp is as for ACS Company 1: Nov 2018 - Jan 2021 Company 2: June 2020 - Continue How to handle this case without making any changes in ref letters.
  2. M

    ACS ACS RPL reference letter

    Hello, I have a question. At this moment I'm working on the ACS RPL reference letter. I've had several roles at my employer which are all mentioned in my reference letter. All have an start/end date except my current role because I'm still active in that role. Does my employer need to mention...
  3. Anam

    ACS Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO (System Administrator) and (Computer Network and System Engineer)?

    Hi, Is it possible to assess my work experience in 2 ANZSCO code, if my roles and responsibilities include of both positions and my employer mentions it in the reference letter? System Administrator (262113) Computer Network and System Engineer (263111) I got positive skill assessment for...
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    Dear friend, Could you please let me know how to get the reference letter from HR? Because I am already under VISA-482 (0.5 yr out of 2 yr completed). The moment I ask this letter to them don't they flag it to manager? Wouldn't it affect my current assignment? Please advise how did you guys got...