1. R

    ACS Digital signature not provided - how can I submit my documents to ACS?

    Dear friends, since ACS modified the guidelines for the skills assessment, I read here "ACS does not require documents to be certified as true copies of the original. Documents need to be submitted as high quality colour scans." Also, in their...
  2. Typewriter

    Subclass 190 Reference number / receipt number (VETASSESS)

    Hi, In Skillselect, at step #8, I need to enter a "reference number" from an assessing authority. I have got one from Vetassess. However, in the outcome letter there is a postfix next to the ref. number: Question: should I leave it there or keep only the "main" part of the reference number...
  3. S

    Employment Reference Contact Details and Roles & Responsibility

    Dear Admins, I have below questions for filing the ACS. 1) The sample employment reference document provided by the ACS doesn't contain the contact number of the person who has signed the document, instead it contains the contact details of the company ? 2) The roles & responsibilities for...
  4. S

    Format of the reference letter for ACS migration assessment

    Dear Admin, I am planning to take reference letter from my previous companies and I have prepared the format according to ACS doc - Software engineer role. Can you please verify whether it is okay or not. Below are the responsibilities: · Requirement discussed with users, analyzed, designed...