1. B

    Subclass 190 Does anyone get a refusal from NSW 190 after invited ?

    I was invited by NSW 190 on 13th 04/2019 and submitted my documents on 23rd April. All the people I know (including information from many agencies) have received the full nomination letter (approval) from NSW gov. I am still waiting for it, which makes me so worried. I heard that VIC 190 may...
  2. R

    salary and c. o.

    i live in australia and doing job here. i do not understand one thing that if a person is paid in cash, given payslips and his tax is paid properly then why does he needs to give proof of income to c. o. A person has a right to spend money where ever he wants or put in his account. why it is...
  3. NJsublass500

    Guide s57 NJ 4020 ban?

    (sublass500) anybody pls help, im in a deep trouble my s56 explanation is rejected and served with 4020 s57 Natural Justice (concealment of fact and to mislead homeoffice), just because agent hided USA visa refusals. what will happen? when will i get reply, classes will start in 3weeks, and its...