regional area

  1. A

    Regional area

    Hi good day...for 491 nominated by South Australia...i must live and work in regional areas of South Australia or any regional area's of Australia
  2. S

    Suggestion studying MS for 5 point

    I am offshore candidate with skill assessment as Software Engineer making 80 points today (age30), since it seems improbable to get an invite with this point, I am thinking of planning to study master program in australia which will fetch me another 5 points and that 3 years of work visa. So by...
  3. arungr91

    491 Relative Sponsored Visa-Flexibility in switching between regions

    Dear Friends, I have an eligible relative who can sponsor me under the 491 visa. He is settled at Queensland(regional area). If I choose this option and reach Australia, can I switch the region if job hunting is difficult there? (shifting to another regional area). Or do I need to stick on to...