registered nurse

  1. sheryannomictin

    Student experience in form 80

    Hi everyone. I am a student lodging visa 189. Currently filling up form 80. Now working as registered nurse. Before I had my invitation, I was a room attendant/cleaner at the hotel and apartments while doing assistant in nursing. Then I still continue cleaning jobs even if I am working as a...
  2. A

    Question about working experience

    Hi All, My wife got skilled assessment from ANMAC with 8 years oversea experience of Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency ). However, She just graduated in Bachelor Degree 2 years ago. She's now getting an 189 invitation with 70 points including the experience points. Will home affairs...
  3. B

    Error in 190 EOI - what happens if I don't accept?

    Hi all I received an invite for the Subclass 190 Visa from NSW today. Registered Nurse, 80 points. I submitted my EOI stating I have 1 to 3 years of work experience. However I just found out today that I am only allowed to count work experience AFTER the date of my skills assessment (August...
  4. D

    ANMAC Swiss nurse working in Australia

    Hello everyone, I am born and raise in the US but did my RN in Switzerland but hold both passports. I am struggling to find a way to work in Australia as Ahpra isnt very helpful. Does anyone know of a swiss educated nurse working in Australia and have any tips or experience with this? Thank you...
  5. S

    How long does it take to receive NSW Northern Inland 489 nomination with 70 points in total.

    How long it takes to receive NSW northern inland 189 nomination, EOI is submitted with 70 points in total (3 days ago). The skill assessment is positive for Registered nurse critical care with 1.5 year overseas experience. Just graduated now with master of health management from Queensland. Are...