1. S

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment- Multimedia Specialist

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  2. E

    EA EA got rejeceted

    Hi , I would like to are there any options . today i got mail from MSA CDR application outcome that" EA have identified that some of the documents in support of migration skills assessment are misleading. consequently , your application is rejected and a 12 ban has been imposed." Can i apply...
  3. imtiaza

    EOI Rejected

    Dear Gurus, Today my consultant call me and told me that your 489 request has been refused. And the rejected issue was that you have submitted your DEPENDENTS PASSPORT very late. I have paid 770$ to them. My consultant told me that he will email them and will gave them the reason why we...
  4. Lynne Crawford

    VIC Subcass 190 rejection?

    I have just received a email saying my application was received and assessed and unfortunately, they decided not to offer me an invite for the subclass 190. Does this mean my chances of receiving an invite for this is gone. Or if priorities change I may be invited again. Devastated. Any...
  5. S

    EA Engineers Australia Assessment

    Dear All, I was assessed as Industrial Engineer in EA assessment. I applied for CDR+Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. For CDR , assessor gave me positive result as Industrial Engineer. For Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. Assessor emailed me that He did not include the...