relevant skilled employment

  1. O

    Relevant Employment EOI

    Hi, I got a question regarding EOI employment history. I send and EOI to NSW for 190 on Research and Development Manager occupation. I got a Vetassess skill assessment and 2 year relevant skilled employment was assessed. In my EOI my advisor suggested that we add those 2 years as relevant but I...
  2. Ali.maqsood

    EA Got positive skill assessment without work experience

    Hi, I applied for MSA with RSEA to engineers Australia. They asked some additional documents about eobi and income tax certificate. I provided which i can. I got positive skill assessment as professional engineer but they did not mentioned any experience on the outcome letter and stated that i...
  3. kannan143

    EA Skill Assessment

    I have a 3 year full time Diploma in civil engineering is awarded by Indian government and followed by A bachelors degree(part time). EA only accepted the higher qualification which is my bachelor degree and the counted experiences after the degree is awarded. However, prior to my bachelor...
  4. jattavalgill123

    Two different 189 EOIs with different points

    Hi, I am an Agricultural Engineer ans have applied for two EOIs of 189 visa with points 90 and 95. I have already recieved invitation for 95 points EOI. So I have included 5 points of work experience in which I was working as an Agricultural Sales Representative. Now I am not sure if my work...
  5. M

    EA Skilled Employment between Bachelors and Masters Recognised???

    Hi there. I have a query about skilled employment assessment with Engineers Australia and was wondering if anyone can help. I'm unsure if I should apply as an Industrial Engineer (i.e. Professional Engineer) or Engineering Technologist. The problem is, I studied a 3 year bachelors degree (Sydney...
  6. D

    Relevant experience but not claiming points in new EOI

    Hi @MysticRiver Thank you for the welcome mail. I have an 189 invitation in hand but am quite worried to proceed. ACS has considered last 6 months out of 4 years of my first employment and whole of my second employment which am presently in . However , for the first employment I do not have...
  7. R

    EA Relevant Skilled Employment assessment mandatory or optional for a guy claiming points

    Relevant Skilled Employment assessment mandatory or optional for a guy claiming i already got invitation today based on those points but i have not gone through Relevant Skilled Employment assessment