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    VETASSESS VETASSESS process for Restaurant Manager

    Is there anyone in here has been assessed for Cafe or Restaurant manager with VETASSESS? Could you please kindly share your information 1. How long does it take? 2. Did you get an interview over the phone? 3. If yes, what kind of questions you got asked? Appreciate all the answer. Thank you. :)
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    489SS, (E.S) TAS

    Hi All, My profession is Restaurant Manager (141111), Got my positive skill Assesment for my Australian Experience (3.3 Years) out of 5.3 years Total. Just wanted to know Vetasses assessed my 4 year overseas Bachelor Degree as an Associate Degree. So, how many points i can claim for my...
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    Restaurant Manager

    Hi All, I am new to the forum.please help me to decide which education to show to VETESSAS skill ASSESMENT .I have done my 4 Years (123 cr) Bachelor Of Business Administration , Major in International Business from Aiub University in Bangladesh 2010. Now I am working as a Restaurant Manager...