rpl project summary

  1. S

    ACS Need guidance with RPL - work experience please.

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me with RPL queries. I have my bachelors/diploma from a non ICT background and I have 10+years of work experience. Company 1 - 2004 to 2011 (international work exp) (7years) Company 2 - 2013 to 2017 (international work exp) (4 years) I got my ICT...
  2. bishta5

    ACS RPL- Project Summary Section

    Desr All, Please can you advise on the below query. Query is - In RPL letter in project summary section, contact details (contact number and email id) will be of Client or my manager OR my employer. Kindly advise what to fill in the highlighted rows in YELLOW color in the screen shot.
  3. V

    ACS ACS- RPL-Education

    Hi, I am having 13+ years of working experience as an IT Analyst and Programmer. I am planning to get my skills accessed under 261311 - Analyst Programmer, and I have all roles and responsibilities certificates from my employers, along with salary slips and other related documents. Could you...
  4. N

    ACS Guidance needed on filling up RPL

    Hi Team, My Bachelor Degree is Production Engineering applying for skill select software Engineer, hence I need to apply RPL also to ACS, can anyone guide if you have submitted RPL and what kind of information needed in the section, since it is unclear about the info to be entered in section 6...