1. S

    ACS ACS RPL for ICT project manager

    Hi Guys, Will a project management certification add extra value to ACS RPL report for ANZSCO ICT project manager ?
  2. L

    ACS RPL report review

    Hi Guys, I need your inputs, I have prepared the RPL report so is it good idea to go for a review before submitting? If yes please share me the contact details.
  3. wanderlust3108

    ACS Skill Letter lists all experience as India

    Hi, My ACS skill-assessment happened back in Nov 2017. In the skill letter all of my relevant experience are in the current company, ABC, with the location mentioned as India. However, I have travelled to Hong Kong (onsite) from ABC multiple times - some of those trips were for short-term (3...
  4. S

    ACS RPL Project Report

    Hi Guys, How one can prepare a RPL project report when he is working as a software tester? I mean the project report requirements are related to Development skills but not related testing so how to prepare the RPL project?
  5. S

    VETASSESS Is RPL Valid for Vetassess Skill Assessment with 13 Years of experience

    Hello Friends All I don't have any full time study or any certifications from my country India i do have experience of 13 years in the field of Hospitality i wanted to know friends my occupations STSOl is this risk can australian government can remove this from the list anytime or its not...
  6. V

    ACS ACS- RPL-Education

    Hi, I am having 13+ years of working experience as an IT Analyst and Programmer. I am planning to get my skills accessed under 261311 - Analyst Programmer, and I have all roles and responsibilities certificates from my employers, along with salary slips and other related documents. Could you...
  7. A

    ACS Should I wait to complete my ICT degree or go for RPL

    Hi. I have a 2 years accredited non-ICT degree (B.Com) and then 2 years non-accredited ICT degree (M.CS). The university will verify my non-accredited degree/certificate if any authority emails them. I have 11 years of software engineering experience. 10 years ago I started a 2 years ICT degree...
  8. G

    ACS ACS with RPL -> Vetassess?

    Hi Friends, I am looking for an advice from people who have already received their 189 visa and had their ACS assessment done through RPL route. I am a Mechanical engineer working in software industry. My ACS application with RPL is approved and 6 years are deducted,as expected. I had sent...
  9. D

    ACS Experience deduction in RPL

    Hi, I have 8 years of experience in IT with no territorial qualification. I am planning to take a RPL skill assessment since I have only work experience. So, will 6 years of my experience be deducted by default? If yes that leave me with less than 3 years leading to 0 points for work experience...
  10. F

    ACS Questions about RPL assessment for Multimedia Specialist

    Hi guys, I am new here and I am starting to write ACS RPL Assessment for Multimedia Specialist. I am quite lost on what to write so if does anyone who has applied for Multimedia Specialist, I would appreciate your help!
  11. S

    ACS ACS filing and Qualification / Work exp. assessment

    Hi Friends , Let me share my scenario followed by the questions I have :- Seek views of experts. 1. 34 years old , Male , living in HKG. 2. An Indian national and a HK PR. 3. Working in ICT as a BA manager with ~ 11 years of work experience. 4. Gave PTE A , couple of days ago and have 20 points...
  12. A

    RPL with Recently Completed Relevant Degree

    Dear All, Thanks for viewing my post i hope i will get the appropriate and expert advice from you all. Age: 35 Ielts: 8 Exp: 14 Years Profession: Application Developer When i started my career i had no degree: Last month i completed my Associate Degree in Web Design and Development Now as per...
  13. P

    ACS Points in EOI for Education & Work Experience (with RPL)

    Hi, I am in the process of preparing the documentation for my PR application under 189; ANZSCO 261313. My points so far are as follows: Age (36) - 25 PTE (90) - 20 I am looking for another 30 points to take the total to 75. I am planning to submit my skill assessment application to ACS next...
  14. M

    ACS Question about RPL - skill assessment

    Hey Guys, I started to work on my RPL form (for ICT skill at ACS) this week and I have two very important projects to describe. However, I'm concerned about the dates. If I'm not wrong, one project should be done within 3 years and another within 5 years. The duration of each project needs to...
  15. A

    ACS 100% NON ICT education, will I get Positive Skill Assesment?

    I have already submitted my EOI with 65 points where my wife is primary applicant. Now I want to get additional 5 points for partner skill. I am not sure whether I am eligible or not. If someone faced same issue, please guide me. Below are my details. Education - Bachelor in Commerce (100% NON...
  16. Aadil Abbasi

    ACS RPL - Recently completed qualification and having previous experience

    Dear Friends I have question related to RPL, I am having experience as software engineer and I had previous suitable skills assessment via RPL by ACS. Unfortunately, at that time they did not recognized my qualification and they deducted almost 8 years of experience out my total 9 years...
  17. oz_pr_aspirant

    ACS - RPL Application - No assessment of Bachelors Degree - Result Unsuitable

    Hi, 6 weeks back I applied for ACS assessment through the 4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application type I completed my Bachelor of Engineering (Honors): Chemical Engineering from a premier institute in India and I have 7 years 8 months of ICT experience as a Business Analyst. Below...
  18. S

    Need assistance in preparing RPL Project Report - Technology Building

    @Rakshanda, @MysticRiver Team, I'm filling the RPL Project Report document and I'm now stuck with a topic called "Human Factors" and the skill description in the ACS document is listed as below, *\ The iterative development of user tasks, interaction and interfaces to meet user requirements...
  19. N

    Help needed with RPL

    Hi Guys, I want to know if we have to be really accurate about client details in the RPL form? My company does not allow client details to be shared with outside world. I have filled my RPL with my knowledge of the subject matter and I am wondering what should I do about the client details. I...
  20. S

    RPL - Need Project Report Sample Document - Software Engineer

    Team, The ACS team has mailed me to submit the RPL Project Report Document along with additional fees. At that outset, I'm looking for few samples which could help me out to write my document. (I'm fully aware, I should not be using anything from any document or internet sources as that would...