1. Ali.maqsood

    EA Got positive skill assessment without work experience

    Hi, I applied for MSA with RSEA to engineers Australia. They asked some additional documents about eobi and income tax certificate. I provided which i can. I got positive skill assessment as professional engineer but they did not mentioned any experience on the outcome letter and stated that i...
  2. Ali.maqsood

    EA Skill Assessment RSEA Result

    After submitting the additional information to CO, how more many days they will get to announce result? and how many times a CO can contact you during your skill assessment.
  3. V

    EA Is this closely related to 233511 role?

    Dear All, Maybe you guys may have similar case or read a similar case like this. I just want to ask your opinion regarding the duties and responsibilities I have in my previous job. I'm not quite sure if I would still claim points for this working experience. And by the way, as per EA (RSEA)...
  4. Z

    EA Need Help Regarding EA assessment for RSEA

    Dears I have positive assessment from EA as Engineering Technologist 233914, but my experience was not recognized by EA due some difference in the Job description. Now I have arranged an updated reference letter from my employer with correct job description. In addition to this I have all other...