1. sharongeorger

    Subclass 189 Request for S56 from CO (Help!)

    Dear Admins / Mods, I just received a request for S56 additional information regarding my employment. What was asked for in the S56 checklist were 1) Tax Returns 2) Bank Statements 3) Superannuation information. Apart from the above info, I had submitted my employment contract letters...
  2. C

    NSW s56 and Further Assessment Time Frame for 190

    Aloha All! This is Mr. Lim from Hawaii, USA. I applied for 190 to NSW this past march 2022 as a Special Education Teacher Specialist and received an s56 last night for Police Clearance/Check from the State of Hawaii in addition to the FBI National Criminal Clearance that I have originally...
  3. NJsublass500

    Guide s57 NJ 4020 ban?

    (sublass500) anybody pls help, im in a deep trouble my s56 explanation is rejected and served with 4020 s57 Natural Justice (concealment of fact and to mislead homeoffice), just because agent hided USA visa refusals. what will happen? when will i get reply, classes will start in 3weeks, and its...