1. A

    Subclass 189 Responding to s57 NJL

    Hello everyone, I had lodged my PR visa under 189 subclass from India on Nov 2017 ( Developer Programmer ANZSCO Code: 261312). There was no updates on my case from then other than the immi commencement mail i received on Feb 2018. Now i have received the s57 NJL on Apr 2019 with the below...
  2. T

    187 natural justice because of army

    Hey I applied for a 187 permanent visa back on 2015. Due some people reported lies to the department they refused my application on 2016. The I applied to the tribunal appeal and I won the case early 2018. Last August department send me a letter s57 natural justice says that : The Department...
  3. NJsublass500

    Guide s57 NJ 4020 ban?

    (sublass500) anybody pls help, im in a deep trouble my s56 explanation is rejected and served with 4020 s57 Natural Justice (concealment of fact and to mislead homeoffice), just because agent hided USA visa refusals. what will happen? when will i get reply, classes will start in 3weeks, and its...