sc 190

  1. Hazza

    Case Officer Allocation for SC 190

    Hi people, Does anyone have an idea of how the DIBP goes about with allocating case officers to various applications. I was under the assumption that case officers would be allocated based on the date the application was lodged and not on how many points that particular application has got...
  2. Aj to Oz

    Application lodged, Vetassess Validity

    Hi All, I have applied for sc 190 on 25th August 2017. All documents submitted except for health check and homecountry PC. My vetassess skill assessment is valid till november 2017. I knpw processing on visa takes time.. will the skill assessment validity be a concern here? or once a visa...
  3. N

    NSW state nomination - with 55 marks for Engineer Technologist

    Hi All, Currently I have 55 points and I was awarded as Engineer Technologist(233914) by Engineers Australia although I have a BSc(Hons) in civil Engineering. I hope to get state nomination from NSW only to get 5 marks. Will I be able to get nominated by this state (I'm not referring to get SC...