1. B

    190 EOI timelines for VIC/NSW/QLD

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  2. AD1980

    Subclass 190 Grants basis demand and supply of occupation in stream 2

    Does a grant of SC 190 depends on demand and supply of an occupation? Also, does the grant time vary if an applicant has been invited through stream 2? Any observations?
  3. S

    NSW SC 190

    Dears , For those who applied to NSW SC190 as external auditors/ accountants with 75 points and got invited, how long did you wait before getting the invitation? Thanks