self employed

  1. ashikbd

    ACS Expert opinion about documents required for ACS to assess freelance work experience

    I've been working as an independent contractor in Australia. My client is in Europe, I have single client in the last three years. It's a full time remote work. I will submit my skill assessment application as self employed. I understand I need a self statutory declaration, client reference...
  2. L

    ACS Can a banker witness ACS self written Statutory Declaration in Australia

    Hello, Can a bank officer witness a self written statutory declaration in Australia for ACS skills assessment as self employed.?
  3. L

    ACS Self employed checklist or required documents

    Hello, Official Skills Assessment Guideline for self employed: 1. Is supplementary evidence mandatory? 2. If yes, Then do we need to submit all the evidence asked like "contracts with clients or suppliers, client testimonials, evidence of projects completed" 3. or only anyone of the evidence...
  4. F

    Info 482 partner work restrictions

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can advise me on this, as I haven't been able to find a clear answer online. I'm sponsored under the 482 temp visa, I would like to know whether my wife can either be self employed in Australia or whether she can do freelance work in Australia, for Australian...
  5. D

    ACS Are Bank Statements absolutely necessary for skills assessment for self employed?

    Hi All! I am planning to apply for a 189/190 visa and I am claiming self employment for the skills assessment as a Software Engineer. On top of my regular employment in Software support, I've been working with this one client for the past year or so developing and maintaining a software...
  6. D

    ACS Only one client in Contractor/freelancer period! HELP!

    Hello earthlings of migrationdesk, I have completed a bachelor in software design and development recently and I have received an offer from a company to provide software solutions for them and to be their in-house developer for a period of 12 months on a contract basis where I operate as my...
  7. S

    489 to 887 full time work requirement

    Hello, I hold a 489, just recently landed in AU. My intention is to convert my visa to a 887 permanent one after 2 years. I know I need to live in the designated area for at least 2 years and work full time at least 12 months. In my line of work (ESOL teaching) it is rare to have find full time...