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    Query: Dependent Parent Visa

    Hi Folks, I have a query related to "dependent Parent visa", as I have my mother living back in my home country and I do support her financially from Australia. Looking forward to get her here on some medium term visa initially; like 1-3 years. Could you please suggest:- 1. What are the...
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    Visitor Visa Stay Query

    Hi, I am planning to visit Australia to attend a wedding function in Nov 2019. What I'm wondering is if I visit Australia on 8th Nov 2019, will I be allowed to stay there for around one month (return after Visa Expiry Date i.e. on 8th Dec 2019) or would I need to apply a new VISA My VISA...
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    Subclass 189 I have filed EOI with 70 points under 189, ANZSCO CODE 261111

    Dears, What is the probability of shortlisting EOI filed with 70 points under 189 for ANZSCO Code 261111, Date of effective filing 06-02-2019. Welcome your thoughts and opinions.
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    Query on reference letter for current employment!!

    Hi, I have query on obtaining reference letter for my current employment; as its not possible to get on company's letter-head. This leaves me with below options:- 1. Getting it from HR Recruiter of current organisation. But he/she is not working in my team, will that work? 2. I joined my...