skill assesment

  1. NadiaDu

    VETASSESS Portfolio for interior designer

    Hi All, I am trying to set my papers for skilled assessment as interior designer- maybe someone can advise if project portfolio should be with description or set of drawings is enough thank u
  2. M

    Skill assessment for 482 and 186 for software engineering

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is well. I graduated in 2017 in a bachelors in mechanical engineering but have worked in IT space from then to date ( 5 years). I have most recently secured a software engineering job offer in Australia on a 476 visa which is valid for 2 years I have an employer who...
  3. Shrinik

    ACS ANZSCO code change after positive skill assessment

    Hi Folks, Hope you're all doing well. I had a question - if you have already received a positive skill assessment for a particular ANZSCO code under the skilled occupation list and later that particular is retired and divided into separate codes, will my skill assessment that is already been...
  4. R

    VETASSESS Statement of Service - Construction Project Manager

    Does anyone have a sample of Statement of Service you provided to VETASSESS for assessment? Occupation Construction Project Manager - ANZSCO 133111
  5. mdmathewdc

    ACS ACS Assessment 2 years deduction

    Hi, I had a doubt with ACS Skill Assessment. Will they still reduce 2 years experience if I have a Australian Masters degree? I did my Bachelors in Computer science and had 1.8 years of work experience as a Programmer Analyst before coming to Australia to do my Masters in IT. Currently working...
  6. Ali.maqsood

    EA Got positive skill assessment without work experience

    Hi, I applied for MSA with RSEA to engineers Australia. They asked some additional documents about eobi and income tax certificate. I provided which i can. I got positive skill assessment as professional engineer but they did not mentioned any experience on the outcome letter and stated that i...
  7. Ali.maqsood

    EA Skill Assessment RSEA Result

    After submitting the additional information to CO, how more many days they will get to announce result? and how many times a CO can contact you during your skill assessment.
  8. S

    ACS Skill Requirement Met Date

    I have read several posts but I am still confused about the 2years deduction from ACS. I started working as software developer from 2015 July till June 2019 overseas (4yrs) I did my bachelors in IT Major from Nov 2013 to March 2017 Then, my masters in IT Major in Australia from July 2019 to...
  9. K

    VETASSESS Skill Assessment

    Did anyone get their cafe or restaurant manager assessment done recently? I’m Currently working as a restaurant manager in a roadhouse from January 2021. I’ve got Diploma of Hospitality Management through RPL (done in january 2021) Could you please kindly share some information. Thank you.
  10. S

    ACS multimedia specialist skill assessment

    Hello, My name is Samundra. I'm a recent graduate of Game design. My course falls under multimedia specialist. I want to do a professional year. But right now, I'm not sure whether my course falls under the ICT list or not. I asked many agents, but they gave me mixed information. In my studies...
  11. J

    ACS For getting 482 TSS visa for software engineer do we need to have skill assessment done? Also, i can see 3 years experience is required?

    My question is if i do skill assessment ACS (Australian computer Society) which does the skill assessment for IT engineer deducts the first 2 years from your work experience. I am having 4 years exp. in my current field as of now . Am i eligible or not? because if they count the experience like...
  12. AdnanAS8

    ACS What ANZSCO CODE should I pick as a Data Analyst / Data Scientist?

    Hi guys, I have a Master's degree in Data Science (with mostly Advanced Data Analytics units) and I have been working for over a year as a Data & Insights Analyst in Melbourne. My role is more of a Data Scientist and it involves using SQL , Python , Power BI , Azure Data Factory etc. I have...
  13. Y

    ACS Skill Assessment for ICT

    Hey Everyone ! I have completed my under graduation in Computer science and also have Post graduation diploma in Marketing and operations. I am looking to go through the skill assessment through ACS as a ICT Business Analyst(261111) as my skills are matching this ANZCO. Since I have post...
  14. K

    ACS I currently received the invitation even after my skill assessment expired.

    Dear all, I am really in dilemma and need your genuine help. I have received my invitation after my ACS skill assessment expired. I wasn't aware of expiry as I'd been told that it would be valid for 3 year for immigration purpose. What should I do? Can I apply for new skill assessment and...
  15. R

    Other Do i need to get a new skill assessment

    Hi, I already have a skill assessment from AIQS for 4 years. Now i need to Claim 5 years of experience, Do i need to get the latest year assessed or, Can i claim five years with the existing skill assessment (4 years)? TIA
  16. S

    CPA Skill Assessment - Work Experience Question

    Hi everyone, I am on a 485 visa at the moment and have been working as an accountant for last 18 months. I had got a positive skill assessment from CPA - but at the time I had only shown my education and no work experience. My employer is willing to sponsor me for a 482 visa and I understand...
  17. S

    VETASSESS Illustrator Assessment review and time frame.

    Hi, we got the negative assessment result for the first time and Education as highly relevant and 3 years work experience as not relevant. Now this time we have hired a professional to help us in review. how long do they take for re-assessment and is there anyone to help me with their experience...
  18. G

    ACS Digital Design applying for multimedia specialist 186 DE

    Hi, I have an Australian degree - Bachelor of Arts major in digital design and graphic design. I am currently under 482 TSS visa. My occupation as listed in my current TSS visa is Multimedia Specialist. I am thinking of applying ACS for 186 Direct Entry. Will my education background which is...
  19. G

    Visa 189

    Dear all, Thanks for the informative dialogs above. I hope someone can elaborate on what should I do in my situation. I have studied electrical engineering(BA) but have been working in a field that is irrelevant to my study and not listed in the MLTST nor in the SOL, Im urged to obtain the...
  20. A

    TRA 485

    hello legends, do i need to fill form 80 or other forms for 485 Graduate Work stream Visa as a single applicant. And do I need to wait for the provisional skill assessment final outcome or I can apply with lodgement receipt. And with the insurance I am still covered with OSHC until May do I...