skill assesment

  1. Kii

    QLD Will "Designations" matter?

    Hi, I am planning to apply for 190 in this Oct for "Software Engineer". The following are my conditions: I have work experience of (3.5yrs) outside Australia as a Software QA Engineer. I have work experience of (1 yr) in Brisbane as a Software QA Engineer. I have been working in Brisbane as...
  2. N

    ACS ACS payslips and bank statements certified copies?

    Hello, My old ACS skill assessment is about to expire so I am applying for new skill assessment with new guidelines. I just have some questions which are as below. Do we have to scan the coloured documents and need certified copies of each things(each salary slip and bank statement page)? or...
  3. A

    ACS Confusion regarding skill assessment

    Hello, I did BCA from India, MSc. in Computer Application and IT from UK and then Master of information system with Business analysis as Major from Australia. i have done Professional year too and working in an IT company. I don't have any work experience of India. I want to know if I am...
  4. A

    Other Assessment based on Business

    Hi, I am the main applicant and I have query regarding partner's skills assessment. He has done B.Com from India, Master's in Logistics and supply chain and then Business for 5 yrs . After than he worked for 2 yrs in Amazon UK in logistics and currently working in Australia since 2 yrs in...
  5. A

    ACS Confused regarding skills assessment

    Hello, I did BCA from India, MSc. in Computer Application and IT from UK and then Master of information system with Business analysis as Major from Australia. i have done Professional year too and working in an IT company. I don't have any work experience of India. I want to know if I am...
  6. S

    ACS Points for master degree

    Hi, I have done my bachelor degree in Business in Australia and also completed my master degree in network security. After doing my 485 visa assessment on ICT Security Specialist, ACS says " Your Master of Information Technology Computer Networking Network Security from Charles Darwin University...
  7. N

    Subclass 189 Skill assessment vs Employment assessment

    I received my positive skill assessment result from ACS (Post-study skill assessment) based on an Australian Master of Information Technology degree with the IT Profession Year program and submitted my EOI for the 189 visa. I have mentioned my one-year relevant working experience in the EOI but...
  8. kannan143

    EA Skill Assessment

    I have a 3 year full time Diploma in civil engineering is awarded by Indian government and followed by A bachelors degree(part time). EA only accepted the higher qualification which is my bachelor degree and the counted experiences after the degree is awarded. However, prior to my bachelor...
  9. M

    VETASSESS How many "tasks" of the career have to complete to aplly the Skill Assessment?

    Hey, If you see the ANZCO 232511 Interior Design, there are 8 tasks to this career. I have just 6 taks because I work in this area and have 5 years of experience. I don't have the others 2 tasks. Do I have to complete all the skill (tasks) to apply to the Skill Assessment or do I need to...
  10. M

    SA South Australia 491

    Hello , I am Postgraduate degree holder from an Australian university in Business Administration and Professional accounting and is currently offshore. I am thinking of applying towards SA 491 in Management consultant (224711), as I have been working as a Business analyst in consulting field...
  11. P

    EA want to withdraw application from EA

    Hi , EA given me 15 days to justification on cdr . now today is the last day and i am not able to understand what to provide because in my all the ce, plagiarism is only 3-4% but my academic project reports where plagiarism is near 30-40% for which i am feeling uncomfortable to submit. So...
  12. S

    VETASSESS Do you think I could be assesed as a 224112 Mathematician with a 3-year masters degree in electrical engineering?

    If it counts for anything, I specialised in Signal Processing, which is entirely math. From my perspective, its a math degree.
  13. N

    ACS Skill assessment after PY ? confused

    If completion of PY in itself is enough for getting our skills assessed through ACS or do we have to apply for skills assessment separately? How long does it take to get skills assessed after PY completion?
  14. P

    EA will i get positive outcome from EA.

    Hi I applied for skill assessment in EA for electrical engineer. Now i receive a mail from EA to explain below points just want to know if i provide all the explanation then is there any chances to get a positive outcome. Is there any one who faced similar situation and received a positive...
  15. B

    ACS Skill Assessment for Salesforce Professional

    Hello! I am exploring options to immigrate to Australia and need your help in some of the questions I've regarding the Skill assessment. I've a masters in Microbiology, and I've been working as Salesforce Administrator from past 7 years. I am a Certified Salesforce professional. My question is...
  16. I

    EA Skill assessment , Engineers Australia

    Greetings, I have recently applied for Engineers Australia and I have received an email from them requiring more documents. I have some questions as following please anyone with experience answer me: 1. They only asked for official contract and payslip relevant to my working experience, does...
  17. saiprasad_reddy

    ACS I need help in ACS Skills Assessment

    I am sai and i finished my “Masters in information Systems” and my subjects are as follows: App Development for Mobile Platforms Business Process Management .Mobile Web Apps Managing Human Resource Knowledge Audits for business Analysis Business Intelligence using BIG DATA Responsive web Design...
  18. soujanya123

    EA Will this yield a positive skill assessment ?

    Hello, I am currently pursuing B.Tech Electronics Engineering (Full Time- 4 Years) and will graduate in April 2020. I have Zero Work Experience but a lot of self-made projects in my portfolio. My Question: Should I apply for Electronics Engineering (233411) Skill Assessment Under Engineers...
  19. Kii

    ACS ACS Software Tester not Assessable

    Hi, I did my skill assessment last September for "Software Engineer" and my skill was assessed successfully. Last month, I did my skill assessment for "Software Tester". As we can see that the roles and responsibility for Software Engineer and Software Tester are the same: Software Engineer...
  20. T

    Other Please help me with queries on Partners Skill Assessment

    Hi All, I need assistance. I have already submitted EOI for 189 @ 75 and 190 @ 80 for Victoria under ANZSCO 263111 including my husband's PTE scores. My Husband is an Accountant and I want to apply for his skill assessments under 221111 -General Accountant, please can anyone tell me what...