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  1. JijoJarnest

    ACS I need a clarification regarding ACS skill assement

    My college education was completed in May 2019, and I started a job as a software engineer in the same month after my college education. But I had a backlog paper to clear so I was not graduated on that year. In the next year, I cleared my paper and got graduated in November 2020. I have a...
  2. S

    Lodging Visa: Dependent Surname Not Shown in ACS Skill Assessment

    Hi all valuable members, + @MysticRiver I am new to this forum. I have a critical issue in my 190 visa application. When submitting the documents I realized that my wife's surname is not shown in her ACS skill assessment. Only the first name and last name is mentioned. Her surname comes...
  3. K

    EA Similarities between all three career episodes submitted and Internet sources

    Hello Everyone, I received the following comment from Engineers Australia regarding my skills assessment application with ANZSCO Code 233311. I have written all three career episodes by myself and all were from my professional experience. But still I got this comment. Now, how should I address...
  4. R

    EA Engineering Technologist to Telecom Network Engineer using one relevant older career episode

    I had apply for Engineering technologist assessment in the year of 2017 and received a positive assessment but did not receive an invitation till 2019. I am planning to apply for the Telecom Network Engineer profession. One of my career episode I submitted for Engineering Technologist is...
  5. C

    ACS Employment Reference Letter Questions

    I have worked at MNC firms and gotten reference letters. They meet all ACS points EXCEPT the following: Has HR name and signature but no email and phone number. These are MNC with HR call center and no email address. What should I do ? Says full-time but does not mention number of hours worked...
  6. M

    EA Skill Assessment- Washington Accord - Application Details

    Hi All, I have searched the threats realted to my problem, but not successful. I have encountered the issue in the aplication details section- I am following the Washington Accord because my degree fall in the years during which my degree accrediated with WA. Can anyone help me in fullfilling...
  7. P

    EA Reference Dates mismatch with Project Chronology - CDR/ skill assessment query help - Engineers Australia

    Hi all, I want to ask this on behalf of my friend who applied for his skill assessment to Engineers Australia and got a query in his career episodes. First query was to submit extra project work and after doing that he got another query for a dates mismatch in project chronological order. The...
  8. V

    ACS Skill assessment help

    Hi, I have applied for ACS skill assessment and got rejected 3 times. It says "Your skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for 263111 (Network and System Engineer)". You have been assessed as not meeting the requirement for professional information technology experience of 4 years in a...
  9. M

    ACS Is it mandatory to do Experience Assessment for 189

    I have lodged my 189 visa, I got the positive skill assessment for my qualification but for experience I didn't do the skill assessment is it mandatory to do? anyone got grant without assessing experience.
  10. P

    Updating skill assessment after expired EOI invite 189

    Hi all, I have just received an invite to 189 and I also have just found out that I have not paid attention to my skill assessment reference number. First skill assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia came up in July 2019. So, by now that means this outcome letter is already expired...
  11. S

    EA How should i proceed? Please help ? EA has confused me??

    1.I have identified a high percentage of the similarity between submitted career episodes and other sources, including the episodes submitted by other applicants. 2.The similarity was identified between text, pictures, diagrams, plots etc. 3.Please, note that as per page 2 of...
  12. R

    ACS Need Suggestions for positive skill assessment and 190 visa

    I am electrical engineer at the moment in townsville qld . But my bachelor's is electronics and communication. I did my masters of professional engineering on electrical and renewable engineering .For my 190 & 491 visa, Can I apply for skill assessment with my bachelor's degree or with my...
  13. H

    ACS Need to submit the pending documents in ACS portal.

    Hello Guys, I have also submitted the Skill assessment and received email from case office that upload some additional document within 7 days. Due to some reason and my NON availability , it took almost 10 days for me to arrange all documents. Now "upload documents" button not getting in ACS...
  14. NadiaDu

    VETASSESS Portfolio for interior designer

    Hi All, I am trying to set my papers for skilled assessment as interior designer- maybe someone can advise if project portfolio should be with description or set of drawings is enough thank u
  15. M

    Skill assessment for 482 and 186 for software engineering

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is well. I graduated in 2017 in a bachelors in mechanical engineering but have worked in IT space from then to date ( 5 years). I have most recently secured a software engineering job offer in Australia on a 476 visa which is valid for 2 years I have an employer who...
  16. T

    ACS ANZSCO code change after positive skill assessment

    Hi Folks, Hope you're all doing well. I had a question - if you have already received a positive skill assessment for a particular ANZSCO code under the skilled occupation list and later that particular is retired and divided into separate codes, will my skill assessment that is already been...
  17. R

    VETASSESS Statement of Service - Construction Project Manager

    Does anyone have a sample of Statement of Service you provided to VETASSESS for assessment? Occupation Construction Project Manager - ANZSCO 133111
  18. mdmathewdc

    ACS ACS Assessment 2 years deduction

    Hi, I had a doubt with ACS Skill Assessment. Will they still reduce 2 years experience if I have a Australian Masters degree? I did my Bachelors in Computer science and had 1.8 years of work experience as a Programmer Analyst before coming to Australia to do my Masters in IT. Currently working...
  19. Ali.maqsood

    EA Got positive skill assessment without work experience

    Hi, I applied for MSA with RSEA to engineers Australia. They asked some additional documents about eobi and income tax certificate. I provided which i can. I got positive skill assessment as professional engineer but they did not mentioned any experience on the outcome letter and stated that i...
  20. Ali.maqsood

    EA Skill Assessment RSEA Result

    After submitting the additional information to CO, how more many days they will get to announce result? and how many times a CO can contact you during your skill assessment.