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    CPA Syllabus for assessment

    Hi I have applied for cpa migration assessment they are asking for syllabus for b.com from school of open learning delhi university and M.COM from ignou What documents will be needed for that and from where? Please help its urgent.
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    I have a query that none of the agents responded to, I have bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic studies with 6 months internship in community care centre and 3years experience in community service. Can i apply for ACWA skill assessment?
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    VETASSESS Required Skill assessment in Another Occupation

    Hi, I already have Positive Skill Assessment as a Geophysicist - 234412. Currently, I am seeking to get an assessment in Environmental Scientist - 234399 and Environmental Consultant - 234312 as I also performed most of the duties related to these fields while I was working in MRC, Pakistan. But...
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    VETASSESS Skill Assessment (award certificate/transcript of educational course)

    Dear fellows I received this: Apparently they want my Diploma certificate and kardex as far as I know, the thing is that I just need one month more to receive the award i talked with the director of my college and she told me she just can provide me a Confirmation of Competency Letter stating...
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    VETASSESS Vetassess Experience calculation

    Hello, I'm applying for Customer Service manager position 149212, I have total 7.5 years of work experience (below), what experience most likely Vetassess will count for my skill assessment? 2 years of Customer Service representative 3.5 years on Team leader role in the same Customer Service...
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    Subclass 189 Query from EA

    Hi guys, I got notice from EA asking for additional documents. Below is my planned course of action. Can someone suggest if this is OK? 1. Unless you assign (submit) your PTE scores to Engineers Australia, so I can check them online, I won't be able to continue with the assessment of your...
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    ACS ACS skill assesment rejected :(

    Hi guys Kind of stuck in here. I applied for ACS in August '18 for migration under 261313 - Software Engineer post. I have got the reply last week as : ''Your skills have been unsuitable for migration under 261313. You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional...
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    ACS ACS Experience points not updated automatically in EOI

    Dears, MY ACS experience is below, I reached 5 years of work experience as per ACS assessment but still in EOI, I am getting 5 points instead of 10 (5 years or more experience). I want to know when I can get the 10 points for my experience, i saw some post in which it is mentioned that when...