1. Mian24

    CPA Cash in hand work experience assessment

    Hi guys i am going to apply for 190 and need some assistance in cash in hand job assesment so my question is has any one got their cash in hand job experience assessed and claimed points for that ????? If yes please let me know what sort of documents are required to get the cash in hand...
  2. Ashish

    Assessment with or without work experience - choice between ACS and Engineers Australia

    Hi, I am planning to migrate to Australia in near future.I am having certain questions relating to my Educational qualification and Work Experience. I have completed my Engineering degree in the year 2008 in Mechanical and Automation and presently 29 years of age. I started my career as...
  3. S

    Difference between educational assessment and work experience assessment

    Dear Admin, I have the following question: 1) in the forum, everybody wrote assessment report is positive, but in my assessment report i didn't found the word"positive" or "Negative". in EA website i found "Assessment Grand" & in the outcome there only simply write, Your qualification...