skilled 190/189

  1. L

    Subclass 190 EOI from last year still valid for 2022-23 invitations?

    Hi Guys, I know most migration programmes have been rolled out for 22-23. I am patiently waiting for NSW to open theirs. I noticed Queensland have newly stated "Updating existing EOIs submitted prior to the 16 August 2022 will not be invited.” I have never heard of this happening before and...
  2. Manoj Kumar


    Hello, I am looking forward to avail the service of 'Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment'. I am a Mechanical Engineer who has been working in India since 3.5 years. I got a positive outcome in Educational Qualification Assessment, and my profession is relevant to my Bachelors...
  3. P

    Subclass 190 190 SA - Registered Nurse; claiming Australian work experience

    Hi, I have applied for an EOI for 190 in SA and was granted a state nomination_ ready to lodge for 190 visa. However, when reviewing my points I noticed that I have an additional 5 points for Australian work experience which I do not intend to claim, earning me 80 points. I have been working...
  4. Clemente

    I already have the minimum points necessary to lodge EOI, but will obtain more points in the near future. Should I lodge EOI or wait?

    I already have 70 points for my EOI, which I know it will not be enough to get invited to apply, although it is enough to lodge the EOI. I will be getting extra 20 points in the near future (e.g. will be taking the English test again and bumping my scores). Is it better to lodge my EOI now and...