skilled independent visa

  1. G

    Skill Select update

    Hi, I have submitted an EOI about 2 months ago with currently 75 points. In 20 days I’ll finish the Professional Year and will be able to claim 5 extra points. My question is, can I go to my EOI and update my points considering I’m 20 days away to actually completed the Professional Year? As...
  2. F

    VETASSESS What jobs are accepted for positive skills assessment for Other Spatial Scientist (ANZSCO Code 232214)?

    Hello. I was just wondering about what jobs would be accepted as a positive skills assessment (VETASSESS) for Other Spatial Scientist ANZSCO Code 232214? I already meet the requirement for AQF Bachelor degree relevant to the occupation. I am just looking to fulfil the 1-year post-qualification...
  3. Rajvansh

    EA Effect of banned EA report on Visa

    Dear sir/madam I had applied for skill assessment and I got rejected and banned for 12 months. I have also applied for PR visa application under independent skill visa as a secondary applicant and my wife as primary applicant. For the same I am not claiming my skill assessment in the PR...
  4. Kamaldeep Khurmi

    Point bases information

    Hello experts i want an information as per details gives below: Name :kamaldeep Education qualification: Bachelors degree in Computer science Experience: 3 year in same field (Network Engineer) Age :25 year Ielts : 6 band Can i apply for point bases and how i also calculates my score : 90 I am...
  5. Dileep

    Info New Allocation dates set by DIBP/DHA

    The Department has updated the allocation dates and the new ones are as given below. Anyone who need to see the same can visit Allocation Dates. GSM allocation dates The tables below list the earliest lodgement dates for applications that have been allocated to processing teams. You can use...