skilled occupation list

  1. E

    Other Non approved overseas quantity surveying qualification

    Hi I am going to apply for skilled migration to Australia from an asian country with a UK BSc Quantity Surveying degree which does not have AIQS or any other recognized membership from an institute from any country. I have 2 and half years post qualified experience as a quantity surveyor. Will...
  2. MysticRiver

    2016-2017 Skilled Occupations List (SOL)

    Below is the SOL for 2016-2017. For details about assessing authority, check this link. For the list of flagged occupation, check this link. For CSOL, go to this link. To understand the difference between SOL and CSOL, check this link. OccupationANZSCO CodeAssessing AuthorityConstruction...
  3. B

    Questions regarding NSW SS - Visa subclass 190

    Hello Everyone. Hope you are doing well. I will be applying for NSW state nomination this month with these points: Age 27 = 30 points ACS Assessment for ICT Developer Programmer = 15 points for education (no points for 4.5 years work experience though) IELTS 7.5 overall (L-8, R-8, S-7, W-7.5)...
  4. MysticRiver

    2015-2016 Skilled Occupations List (SOL)

    Details about assessing authority in this link. OccupationANZSCO CodeAssessing Authority Construction Project Manager133111VETASSESS Project Builder133112VETASSESS Engineering Manager133211Engineers Australia/AIM Production Manager (Mining)133513VETASSESS Child Care Centre Manager134111TRA...
  5. MysticRiver

    Rules Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (COSL)

    The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is relevant for applicants for: Independent points-based skilled migration who are not nominated by a state or territory government agency (e.g. subclass 189) A Family Sponsored Points Tested visa Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) - Graduate Work stream...