skilled visa

  1. B

    Error in 190 EOI - what happens if I don't accept?

    Hi all I received an invite for the Subclass 190 Visa from NSW today. Registered Nurse, 80 points. I submitted my EOI stating I have 1 to 3 years of work experience. However I just found out today that I am only allowed to count work experience AFTER the date of my skills assessment (August...
  2. J

    10 or 15 points for assessed overseas Masters Degree?

    Hello fellows, I hope you could help me to determine the right information. In case I get my German Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree assessed by Engineers Australia, will I get either - 15 points for "A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor...
  3. W

    Assessment of Professional Qualifications as an EA Member (Professional)

    My application to Membership application to Engineers Australia was just approved at the Grade of Member (Professional) for with a fee of $380.25 which I've not paid yet for the following reason: My Migration Skills Assessment application is giving me an additional cost of $410.00 for...
  4. Dotta

    When is the deadline for applying to Skilled visa subclass 189 EOI?

    I will have my papers ready by Mid May 2017 , applying for a Software Engineer, Wondering if I applied for EOI by the middle of May, will I have a chance to get an invitation before the new SOL is announced? What's the deadlines and when do they stop sending invitations Also how do I know the...