skilled visa

  1. T

    190 Application - Discrepancies in employment details

    Hi everyone! My application for 190 has been submitted about two months ago through migration agent and is still showing "Received". During the process, concern has been raised that my experience as interior designer (on which I obtained my skills assessment) had never been provided in my...
  2. L

    Subclass 190 EOI from last year still valid for 2022-23 invitations?

    Hi Guys, I know most migration programmes have been rolled out for 22-23. I am patiently waiting for NSW to open theirs. I noticed Queensland have newly stated "Updating existing EOIs submitted prior to the 16 August 2022 will not be invited.” I have never heard of this happening before and...
  3. B

    Error in 190 EOI - what happens if I don't accept?

    Hi all I received an invite for the Subclass 190 Visa from NSW today. Registered Nurse, 80 points. I submitted my EOI stating I have 1 to 3 years of work experience. However I just found out today that I am only allowed to count work experience AFTER the date of my skills assessment (August...
  4. J

    10 or 15 points for assessed overseas Masters Degree?

    Hello fellows, I hope you could help me to determine the right information. In case I get my German Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree assessed by Engineers Australia, will I get either - 15 points for "A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor...
  5. W

    Assessment of Professional Qualifications as an EA Member (Professional)

    My application to Membership application to Engineers Australia was just approved at the Grade of Member (Professional) for with a fee of $380.25 which I've not paid yet for the following reason: My Migration Skills Assessment application is giving me an additional cost of $410.00 for...
  6. Dotta

    When is the deadline for applying to Skilled visa subclass 189 EOI?

    I will have my papers ready by Mid May 2017 , applying for a Software Engineer, Wondering if I applied for EOI by the middle of May, will I have a chance to get an invitation before the new SOL is announced? What's the deadlines and when do they stop sending invitations Also how do I know the...