skills assessment

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    EA EA got rejeceted

    Hi , I would like to are there any options . today i got mail from MSA CDR application outcome that" EA have identified that some of the documents in support of migration skills assessment are misleading. consequently , your application is rejected and a 12 ban has been imposed." Can i apply...
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    ACS Skills Met Date

    I applied for 2611 ICT Analyst skills in ACS and I already got my results. They only accredited roughly 2 years of my work experience out of the 6 years I had because they evaluated my Bachelor's Degree as having Major in Computing. Below are my work experiences: Company A: 01/11 to 02/14 (3yr...
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    ACS Skills Met Date Questions

    I recently applied for ACS accreditation under ICT Business Analyst and they've already responded with my results. They recognized my Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering as not related to ICT Business Analyst thus needing 4 years of my work experience. Below are my credited work...
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    Vetassess help please!

    Hi, I am currently uploading my documents to my vetassess application and it states that I need to upload the documents in a colour copy. The emails that most of my previous employers sent me with my statements of employment are in black and white, are they really that fussy about the documents...