skillselect experience

  1. Tanima

    Part time Work Experience when logding EOI - Skillselect

    HI, I had a question about Skill select EOI 491 NSW. I already have gotten my skills assessment (VETASSES) after 1.5 years of a full-time job but enrolled in another course to extend my visa. As I have been on a student visa since 2020, I have been working only part-time in my nominated...
  2. B

    Other ACS Experience Vs SkillSelect Experience - With Break.

    Hi All, I work in IT industry since 2006. I had a break of 3 yrs from 2018-2021 due to personal reasons. When I applied for ACS assessment, they deducted 4 years from my overall experience and they said work experience post 2010 would be considered. So as per my understanding, my overall...