software engineer

  1. Sanaya

    ACS Is my experience and study fit for Software Engineer skillset?

    1. What are the skillsets that come under Software Engineer? 2. I have one year software development background and 1.8 years Machine Learning Engineering background and 2.2 years of working as an AI Researcher. Is software engineer a good choice for skill assessment? 3. I have completed my...
  2. Kii

    Advertisement for 186 DE application.

    Hey, I am working in the company as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and the company I am working for currently approved me to sponsor for my residency (186 DE software engineer). For 186 DE, DHA has new requirements for advertising the position before we lodge an application. The company...
  3. S

    Subclass 190 I have 65Points for 189, 70 for 190, 80 for 491. I am falling under Softwear Engineer Skill. Whats are chances for getting invite as of now?

    I am an offshore candidate and I have my sister living in Sydney so I want to move to the same place. What are the suggestions for this case? I don't mind waiting for 2 years. but want to know is it worth giving it a try? How about jobs for Software Engineer in regional areas? Also how about...
  4. S

    ACS Confusion regarding ACS skill assessment for electronics and comminication engineering degree.

    Hello sir/mam, I completed 4 years of electronics and comm. engineering from my country and then worked for 2years 7 months as a software engineer. Then I came to Australia and completed a master's in IT. From July 2019 I have been working as a Software engineer here in Australia. So this July...
  5. Insomnex

    Subclass 189 Can I apply with a better occupation?

    Greetings! I am a programmer from Ukraine who wants to apply for 189 visa and I have always been planning to apply as a Software Engineer (261313, in SOL). But when I wanted to assess my skills I mentioned that there is an occupation which matches my skills better: Web Developer (261212, not...
  6. soujanya123

    EA Job Experience will count under ACS or EA ?

    I am a B.Tech Electronics Engineer. I have job role of Associate Software Engineer. But Under my job description, my work related to embedded systems and automotive industry. So, will my job be assessed by EA or ACS. I am confused. Please Help. And How many years of experience required.
  7. Kii

    ACS ACS Software Tester not Assessable

    Hi, I did my skill assessment last September for "Software Engineer" and my skill was assessed successfully. Last month, I did my skill assessment for "Software Tester". As we can see that the roles and responsibility for Software Engineer and Software Tester are the same: Software Engineer...
  8. N

    Am I eligible for Software Engineer - ACS

    Hi, Below is my history, I traveled to NSW Dec 2015 on 457 visa nominated occupation as Systems Analyst (261112). I applied ACS on Oct 2017 for Analyst Programmer (261311) occupation and received positive assessment considering my work exp after Feb 2017. My 457 visa expired on Aug 2019 and...
  9. F

    Designation change..?

    I have been working as a software engineer from 2013 Jan 31 to 2018 Feb 01. due to changed of company it gave me "Frontend-UX Engineer" from 2018 Feb 01 onward. 1) Does ACS deduct my score..?
  10. S

    EOI submitted with 75 points (189) | 80 points (190) - 261313 Software Engineer

    G'day, Apologies if this has been asked or answered in other forum- I have applied for software engineering (261313) in August 2019 with 75 points for 189 visa and 80 points for 190 (VIC). Can claim another 5 points for partner English post Nov changes in place and 5 points for Experience by...
  11. azadthakur

    SC189 - 261313 (Software Engineer)

    I have logged EOI with 75 points on 1st-July-2019. Is there any chance of the invitation?
  12. sagar1312

    ACS acs degree assessment for software developer or network engineer

    Hello Friends, I did computer engineering from India. 2 years of work experience as embedded software developer. I did my masters in Networking from Australia and also completed my PY last week. but I don't know which field is best as of now for degree assessment ACS? Because some of my friends...
  13. S

    ACS Skills assessment for Non-ICT bachelor degree + 261313 (Software Engineer) anzsco code

    Hi Folks, Do we have anyone with an Electronics ( & Communication) engineering major and from Technical Testing background to have got ACS assessment. If yes, can you please share the details/results. I came across a similar post in the forum but it was not closed. Also, is RPL required for...
  14. P

    Subclass 190 Anyone received preinvite from NSW for occupation code 261313 Software Engineer?

    Anyone received preinvite from NSW for occupation code 261313 Software Engineer in 190 VISA subclass for Australia?
  15. J

    ACS Ace skill assessment with no professional year

    I have Bach in electronics and comms but as they system is getting difficult I was thinking of apply as a software developer or application engineer. I have done masters in IT from Australian university however I did not go for professional year. Is it true I cannot apply for skill asessment...
  16. nnawalage

    SMC job search visa-How easy it is to find a job

    According to new rules, applicants without a job is only offered job search visa and will get 9 months to search and find a job. Otherwise RV will be declined. Are there any success stories who obtained SMC job search visa and then got a job that matches the salary threshold and ultimately got...
  17. nnawalage

    General Chances of getting an IT job under subclass 489

    What are the chances of getting a job as a software engineer/developer if I apply under Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) state nominated category? Are there IT jobs available in regional areas in Australia and are employers willing to offer jobs under this visa (without having...
  18. Z

    Software engineer 233411 invitation

    Hey guys. Was just wondering if anyone got a state nomination with 65+5 points for a software engineer? Thanks
  19. nnawalage

    SA Subclass 190: South Australia for offshore applicant

    Is it possible for offshore applicants who DOES NOT have any Australian work experience to apply under Subclass 190 for South Australia? If this is possible, can you please explain the steps? (I have 70 points including 5 points for state nomination for 261313 (Software Engineer)) I was going...
  20. O

    Is it true that Software Engineer Occupation 261313 is not eligible for NSW 190

    Hi Admin, Just heard from my friend that Software Engineer Occupation 261313 is no longer eligible for NSW 190, is it true as i can't find any details here Thanks & Regards, SKG