1. arungr91

    491 Relative Sponsored Visa-Flexibility in switching between regions

    Dear Friends, I have an eligible relative who can sponsor me under the 491 visa. He is settled at Queensland(regional area). If I choose this option and reach Australia, can I switch the region if job hunting is difficult there? (shifting to another regional area). Or do I need to stick on to...
  2. H

    About 186

    Regards Admin I have been offered 186 Employment Visa from an Australian firm in Queensland. Should I have to meet all requirements like having 7 band each in IELTS and positive assessment or can I move with this Visa by simply getting positive assessment from concerned assessment authority...
  3. A

    How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points

    I have submitted EOI under Production and Plant engineer (233513) on 16th Jan.2018 with 65 Points. As I can check last invitation round was on 3rd Jan, 2018 and visa date of effect was 2nd Jan 2018. So my question is How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points Visa date of effect 2nd...
  4. Etienne

    457 Sponsorship Tax - First 3 Months

    Hi, I was told that if you go into Australia on a 457 Visa your first 3 months is tax free. Is this true? I cant find anything on the internet regarding that though. Etienne
  5. S

    Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 - Relative Sponsorship

    Dear Admins, @MysticRiver \ @Rakshanda It's me again. As I'm gearing up for filing my ACS. I was looking into options like 489 lodging. Just before I left from Australia, I spoke with my relative (Mother's cousin sister) and she was indicating about this 489 sponsorship. I was presuming...
  6. H


    Can a PR person in Canada may provide sponsorship to persons simultaneously.