1. T

    CPA Skill Assessment for BCom specializing in Financial Accounting and Audit from Mumbai University

    Hello Friends, Has anyone recently or in the past done Skill Assessment from CPA Australian for BCOM Degree from Mumbai University. If yes, please can you share your experience and the outcome.
  2. F

    Info 482 partner work restrictions

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can advise me on this, as I haven't been able to find a clear answer online. I'm sponsored under the 482 temp visa, I would like to know whether my wife can either be self employed in Australia or whether she can do freelance work in Australia, for Australian...
  3. S

    How to add spouse after the grant of 489 visa?

    Hi, Is there any possibility to add spouse after the grant of 489 visa? If there, pls let me know. Thanks in advance.
  4. shihab

    ACS Can I get 10 points for my Spouse with the given situation?

    My wife has more than a competent level of English proficiency. Regarding her profession, she was Software Engineer for 1 year at the beginning of her career, however, she is now a university lecturer for the last 3 years. I have done my ACS assessment under 261313 (Software Engineer) and got...
  5. Kamaldeep Khurmi

    Point bases information

    Hello experts i want an information as per details gives below: Name :kamaldeep Education qualification: Bachelors degree in Computer science Experience: 3 year in same field (Network Engineer) Age :25 year Ielts : 6 band Can i apply for point bases and how i also calculates my score : 90 I am...
  6. R

    Can my spouse lodge for Student Visa (Sub class 500) after lodging 189 Visa Application?

    Hi Team, My Spouse is applying for Australian Universities. I recently got an invite. I am primary applicant and she is added as migrating family member. Q1) Can she lodge for student visa after I lodge for 189 Visa? Q2) Can I lodge for 189 Just after she lodges for student visa or should I...
  7. K

    Subclass 189 when claiming spouse 5 points, spouse's documents for 189 visa application

    While submitting visa application for 189, since I am claiming spouse's 5 points, do I need to upload my wife's salary slips, form 16 and back statement, to prove my wife's employment?
  8. T

    Australia PR spouse 5 pts claim

    Hi All, how do i proceed to claim 5pts for spouse? My spouse is Homeopath doctor practicing in India.
  9. C

    Spouse information in SC 189 visa

    While lodging the visa process, it asks qualification details for spouses as well. I am not claiming points for my spouse skill or so. Can I add the distant education qualification completed? Does all employment letters need to be presented for the spouse employment as well? Does the employment...
  10. S

    Requirement for Spouse for Subclass 189/190

    Hello, I am accompanying spouse and child(Age: 1.5yrs) in my application to DIBP for PR via Subclass 189/190. What are educational and language requirements for Spouse and what are the options. Thanks. regards Raza