state sponsership

  1. A

    Subclass 190 Relocating to another Australian state or India after subclass 190 application

    I received a subclass 190 invitation, and I lodged my PR application in Western Australia (WA). I am from India. My occupation is ICT Business Analyst. Currently, I am working with TSS 482 visa. My employer is asking me to relocate to another state or country (India). Unfortunately, I am not in...
  2. A

    Subclass 190 Relocating to different country while 190 application is being processed

    I am working in Australia on deputation for 3.5 years and about a week ago I lodged my 190 application. Now, my employer is asking me to relocate to another country. How it will affect my 190 application? I plan to settle in Australia and I do not wish to relocate. However, I am working on TSS...
  3. adnanfaroq86

    EA Assessment as Electrical Engineer(233311) or Engineer Technologist(233914 )?

    I am completing my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Australia. I am planning to enter into the immigration process and first thing will be the skill assessment. I completed my Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from Dept of Electrical Engineering, then completed my Masters by Research +...
  4. I

    QLD Do I need to fill all of the state nomination criteria to be eligible ?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I need to fill all of the nomination criteria to be eligible for a state nomination ? I've noticed with some states, you have to apply first on their own website. Whereas, NSW for example can be applied directly on the SkillSelect website. Does it depend on the...
  5. L

    WA Does WA give state sponsorship?

    Just out of curiosity, I hardly see people going for WA Sponsorship. Why is it so? WA being one of the largest part of Australia (In terms of land) has the least immigration percentage. I know most of the WA is covered with desert and mining industry. Is it like the state is not sponsoring...
  6. Sri Banu

    NSW NSW state sponsership for WELDER occupation.

    EOI - 20 FEB 2019 POINTS - 70 +5 OCCUPATION - WELDER (FIRST CLASS) Can anyone please tell me when can I expect my NSW State sponsership approximately.
  7. B

    ACT State nomination- matrix

    Hey guys I got 80 Points in the matrix but i will be eligible on the first week of May to apply for as I moved to canberra on the last year may? Is there any chance to get invitation before July Please leave a reply