state sponsored 489

  1. A

    How soon will get 489 SA visa

    I have applied today for 489visa of south Australia under 233513 (Production and Plant engineer) with 80 points which include state points. I have below queries EOI date - 11/01/2018 Applied 489 SA - 26/07/2018 1) How soon should I expect for invitation 2) after getting visa, within how many...
  2. imtiaza

    Apply for 489 (State)

    Dear Guru, I have applied for 489 (S) in Feb after paying 770$ having 7 each in CAE (computer networks and system). Can you please help me to confirm when can I get my invitation? Thanks Adeel Imtiaz
  3. S

    Information required on additional 5 points and 489 Visa

    I have accumulated 70 points (Age - 15, Qualification - 15, Skills - Systems Analysts code #261112 – 15, English Language - 15, and State Sponsor - 5 Points) and applied for 190 for the both NSW and Victoria states early this month. However, going by the trends, having additional 5 points will...
  4. E

    489 NSW Invitation Query

    Hello Everyone, I hope someone will be able to help me here. I am Architect and in May 2017 I lodged an EOI for 489 visa, with 60 points and originally with the partner (not claiming any points for him). I got invited in Aug 2017, however because of personal circumstances inc. break up with the...
  5. NehaPathania

    489 state sponsored (SA) Visa Grant Gang

    Who all are waiting/have recently been granted 489 state sponsored visa (SA)?? Let's use this thread to help Others with timeline processes. I lodged visa on 04th Sept, got CO allocated on 04th Oct. Now waiting for news on grant :)