1. Ajit

    Is a separate state PCC on top of FBI clearance required for USA residents?

    Can someone help me? Does the CO ask for State PCC if living in the USA? I've submitted the FBI PCC already. Will it serve the purpose?
  2. MysticRiver

    2017-2018 Individual state skill occupation list

    ACT: NSW: VIC...
  3. A

    Is there any specific timeline to move to the sponsored state for subclass 190

    Hi @MysticRiver, so finally after a long wait of almost 70days I got my visa grant letter the other day. I am extremely grateful to you for all your advice. I did all the visa documentation on my own and thus was always apprehensive but all is good now at the end.Your blog has been of immense...
  4. M

    Choosing state and job opportunity in Australia

    I am currently stumbled by numerous questions and here are some of them First of all Australia is a vast country and I am pretty reluctant in choosing my destination there Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide all of them are stunning places and frankly I don't know what is the best...