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    NSW 224113 Statistician State Nomination 2022-2023 Forum

    It's been a while since the last activity I did in this forum (due to the COVID19 pandemic). I'm creating a new forum for the current year and I hope some people here have the same occupation code as mine to share if they have already received their NSW invitation to apply for state nomination...
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    Other Data Analyst — which ANZSCO code?

    Hello everyone. I’m very confused at this point which skill to nominate as a Data Analyst. Here are my qualifications: Took 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Statistics Started working as Data Analyst from Mar 2018 - May 2021 (3 years and 2 months) New work now as an Analytics Consultant, same line...
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    VETASSESS Guidance on Skill Assessment for ANZCO 224113 - Statistician

    I have a B.Sc. (H) in Statistics & 6+ years of (seem to be relevant) work experience. Before filling for skill assessment with VATASSESS I wanted to check if there's anyone here who has got his/her skill assessment done for ANZCO 224113 - Statistician recently and can look at my roles &...