1. MysticRiver

    2014-2015 Country-wise summary of new citizens by conferral

    In 2014-15, 136,572 people became Australian citizens by conferral from at least 210 different countries. Below are the country-wise summary. CountryPersonsPercentIndia2423617.7United Kingdom2058315.1Philippines89966.6China75495.5South Africa62114.5New Zealand40913Vietnam38352.8Sri...
  2. MysticRiver

    2013-2014 Country-wise Migration Summary

    For 2013-2014 year, below is the country-wise migration summary. This list includes skill stream (67.66%), family stream (32.16%) and special stream (0.18%) CitizenshipMigration Programme visa places 2013–14India39026China26776UK23220Philippines10379Pakistan6275Other84324Total190000