statutory declarations

  1. Arunabh

    ACS Statutory declarations for ACS assessment

    I am preparing my documents for ACS. I have total 4 employers and have got work experience letters from the first two of them. But for the other two employers I have got statutory declarations from my colleagues and one of them includes my current employer. ACS says that they need letter from...
  2. J

    Statutory Declaration / Affidavit template.

    I have the following issues in submitting my application, I don't have a lot of support on getting this done. The migration agent also played out. Hence I have been looking for information for more than a week hence I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me with this. I need...
  3. A

    ACS Statutory declaration for Skills Assessment in ACS

    Dear friends, I have a few doubts regarding submission of a Statutory declaration to ACS for Skills Assessment. I went through the ACS guidelines pdf ( Assessment Guidelines for Applicants V5-6 Aug 2018.pdf) and understood that if one...
  4. parul0802

    ACS Regarding Statutory Declaration

    I have worked in my current company for 10.5 years . My location of employment has been Bangalore , India . During the 10.5 years duration of my employment . I have also worked in US for 7 months on H1B Visa , 5 months in UK on work permit , 3 months on VISA 457 Australia and 3 months in...
  5. S

    ACS For Statutory Declaration Document, Can the same person (Notary Public) be the witness and attesting person at the same time?

    Scenario: My statutory declaration doc is of multiple pages which leaves me to get the signature of Witness on the last page. Question: 1. Do I have to attest all the pages of the statutory declaration document even if it is witnessed by a notary public? 2. If yes, then Can the same person...
  6. P

    Subclass 190 Asked to submit statutory declaration

    Hi, I have been asked to submit a statutory declaration confirming that child appeared for medical test is the same as on the child passport submitted since the passport is 3 years old and the pics dont resemble much now. she was 2 at that time and now 5 years old. however the immi account...
  7. S

    ACS Statutory Declaration for ACS Assessment.

    Is it a must to get the statutory declaration on stamped paper or on a simple A4 paper will be enough? Can anyone please provide a sample? I am from outside Australia. Thanks in advance.
  8. A

    ACS for Stat Declaration by client's employee.

    Hi, I am applying for ACS assessment for my 9 years of IT experience. I have a query regarding statutory declaration by colleague, i.e. I was an employee of Mphasis company and deployed at Hewlett-Packard office throughout my tenure with Mphasis. Now, the issue is, I was working with HP...
  9. N

    Affidavit for 3rd party

    Do I need to make affidavit for 3rd party Statutory Declarations or I can take it on a white paper in asked format and get it signed and attested by a designated person as per ACS.