student dependent visa

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    Student Dependent Visa

    Hello everyone, Seeking some suggestion and tips on applying Student Dependent Visa. I am currently in Australia doing my Master and still 1.5 years is remaining. I am planning to get married now and post that I will be applying for the student dependent visa for my wife. Note: I haven’t...
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    Guide Immigration to Australia

    Hi there, seeking your advice here. I hold an Australian student visa subclass 500 and I'm married. I'm in the process of applying for my student subsequent entrant as it got refused for the first time. I have just noticed, that the family booklet/family composition that got attached doesn't...
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    Student Subsequent Visa Query

    Hello Migration Desk Followers I am a Masters student studying Currently at KOI (Level 3) in Australia. I had married my girlfriend 5 months ago. Now I want to apply for her visa on student Subsequent dependent visa. She is in Nepal Currently.. Problem is I have only 8 months left to expire my...