student visa subclass 500

  1. C

    General Australia SIM

    Can I use Australia SIM forever in my home country when I return from Australia after my student visa gets expired?
  2. E

    Travel exemption on student visa subclass 500

    My supervisor says that I am not able to get government agency letter for you for your travel exemption. My university says that I can apply with business letter but people who are successful have received travel exemption with government agency letter. Has anybody know any unsuccessful case of...
  3. C

    Import student visa subclass 500 application

    Is there a way I can know that some malicious person has imported my immiaccount application? Is it possible that someone change my email address in the imported application? Does homeaffairs allow someone to import my application if someone knows my transaction reference number, passport...
  4. C

    Transaction reference number leaked to public

    My transaction reference number, application I'd and file number along with email of visa officer and his name and position number is shared by unknown person in a public shop. Those details were present in a document that got shared with him. He took photocopy of my original passport along with...
  5. sachinnv54

    Info Student Visa Status

    Hello there, I applied my Master's student visa on the 23rd of November with my biometric submissions on the 26th November. The application status on Immi Account still says Initial Assessment. Is this normal considering the current time taken for processing? Also, how do I know if a CO has...
  6. S

    Estimated time for student visa subclass 500

    My estimated processing time for student visa subclass 500 is changed from 75 days - 5 months to 4 months - 9 months. Is this because of chronavirus outbreak delay? Is it usual delay or uncommon these days?
  7. S

    Student visa for research based PhD

    Hi, Do we need to upload recommendation letters by masters teachers in immiAccount if we are applying for student visa subclass 500 for PhD by research in Australian University? My University in Australia advised to upload publications in immiAccount but didn't mention recommendation letters...
  8. S

    Travelling to another country during student visa assessment

    Can I move from home country and stay in China, while my student visa subclass 500 is under further assessment stage? Do I need to update home affairs regarding this if I go overseas from my home country?
  9. S

    Attach Documents

    I submitted my student visa application in December. In January my estimated time gets reduced, and maximum estimated processing time becomes 2.5 months. Now again in February my maximum estimated processing time is increased to 5 months. Though I provided all documents as home affairs asked...
  10. S

    General 1229 form Student visa

    I am travelling to Australia with my child, though my spouse is not accompanying. Will the airport people will contact my spouse via phone? My spouse has gone now overseas to some other country temporarily and has changed the number which I mentioned on form 1229. Will the airport people try...
  11. B

    Student Visa 500- Financial Capacity Query

    Hi all, I have some queries regarding showing funds when applying for student visa. Me and my partner, we are currently on . 485 visa expiring next month.We have applied for PR, but waiting for invite.Hence we have decided to apply for student 500 visa with my partner as main applicant...
  12. A

    processing time change in immiaccount

    When I submitted my application via immiaccount, processing time is mentioned the same in my immiaccount as mentioned on the below link: While now my processing time is reduced in my...
  13. A

    Student visa subclass 500-Visa Grant

    Are the documents being checked at Australian airport? Do we need to bring all documents that we uploaded in visa application? Which documents will be checked at airport when we arrive at Australian airport?
  14. A

    Spelling difference in mother's name

    Hi, I have submitted my visa application for student visa subclass 500 to home affairs. I have submitted form 80. Now I have noticed that there is spelling difference in my mother's name in family registration certificate and my birth registration certificate that I uploaded in immiaccount at...