1. sheryannomictin

    Student experience in form 80

    Hi everyone. I am a student lodging visa 189. Currently filling up form 80. Now working as registered nurse. Before I had my invitation, I was a room attendant/cleaner at the hotel and apartments while doing assistant in nursing. Then I still continue cleaning jobs even if I am working as a...
  2. M

    visa threatening

    Hi, I applied for the visa and then I resigned from my existing job since I need to prepare. I have genuinely completed all my tasks and left the company. When leaving the company I genuinely explained these are my plans let me know if you need any help. But my boss was so jealous of me. He told...
  3. X

    [500 Student Visa] How many months before my course starts can I apply for my student visa? 3 months? 4 months? 5 months?

    I want to apply for my student visa now because I just want to get it over and done with because visa applications give me anxiety. But my course starts in March, which is 6 months away. I think my genuineness might come into question if I apply right now - 6 months early. So when is the...
  4. L

    General Incoming passenger card country of residence ?

    Hi , so Im from Indonesia but I was a student in Singapore for 2 years and I plan to further my study in Australia I havent been to Australia before and next month is going to be my first time to go to Australia so I was quite nervous So basically , I apply for a student visa but when they ask...
  5. L

    Change of circumstances for Student visa

    Hi Guys, I received my student Visa to study in Australia. I will be coming to Australia in January. I am getting married in December. I have not mentioned about my marriage or spouse details in my application or GTE statement. He is an Australian temporary resident. Should I submit change of...
  6. Little Miss Large

    189 or student visa

    Hi there, I have lodged an expression of interest at the beginning of March with 70 points with my professional skill as a secondary teacher. I was intending to get state nomination for Victoria and also apply for the 190 visa but I have been having issues with teacher registration in Victoria...
  7. fonthchu

    My visa status wouldn't change from 'submitted' to further steps for 2 months

    Hi. I'm new here. I have applied for Student Visa 500. I have applied since Nov 21 2017 and have done both health check and biometrics since last year. However, My visa status wouldn't change from 'submitted' to further steps for 2 months and my courses will be started next week. How can I do?
  8. Santi

    Are student visa holders eligible for applying permanent residency (PR)?

    Hi @MysticRiver @Marcos Albuquerque @Rakshanda Just a quick question that popped into my mind just now, i am currently on student visa 500 granted last 28 October doing further studies here in Victoria. Having said that, Am I already eligible for PR application? Weird question isn't it? Just...