subclass 489 visa

  1. Amritpal singh

    No progress with 489 visa

    Hello, i have lodge 489 visa for australia at 65 points in april 2018 but i am not getting any update from the department. Neithet the co allotted to my case nor the case is processed.where i can contact?.....if i increase my points by giving pte again there any influence to my case ?
  2. Viji

    Subclass Subclass 489 visa

    Hi, I would like some information about the Subclass 489 Provisional Visa. A few questions in my mind right now: 1) How long does it take to process this visa? 2) What are the benefits associated with this visa? 3) Am I allowed to lodge for a 187 visa after 2 years or do I have to wait for 4...