subclass 491

  1. Rammanath

    491 NSW regional Visa EOI worth it?

    Hello members, I have been invited to apply Regional (Subclass 491) State & Territory Nominated visa application nominated/sponsored by INVESTMENT NSW. I wanted to know how good is the job market in these areas for an IT person with around 15 + years of experience. Also how good are the chances...
  2. D

    Info 491 offshore 222311

    Hello members, is there anyone who has applied or waiting or planning to apply for financial investment advisor under subclass 491 for Australia ? I am waiting for the occupation to open in any state, and my points are 75 without state sponsorship.
  3. B

    Re-submitting EOI for each states

    Hi, I'm an offshore applicant.My agent has submitted several EOI for all the states under subclass 190,491 2020 November. But still, I haven't received any feedback from the agent because till recent the offshore applications was not considered. I feel that my agent is not much giving me...
  4. D

    NSW 491 multiple RDA invitations

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. I received my RDA from Northern Inland and received my NSW 491 invitation. Just wondering if I can apply for nomination from Central Coast as well for 491 and if I get nominated by Central Coast as well can I just apply for 491 in under central coast and not...
  5. Jai27

    QLD Would i be considered for the EOI i submitted 5 days before had my 3months experience completed?

    Recently BSMQ opened the window from 29th September till 5th October. My agent has submitted by EOI on 29th of September itself but my 3 months of experience would complete on 5th of October. Would i still be considered for the below criteria on BSMQ website? “If you are lodging an EOI for a...
  6. CM_Kerala

    NT Northern Territory (NT) Subclass 491 Group

    All those who have applied for 491 state nomination for NT please update their views,queries,status here .Let us help each other , solve issues during nomination stages and get a better forecast from results of members . Only genuine NT applicants pls post comments .
  7. N

    SA Chances of getting invited for 190 when applying for both 190 and 491

    Hi All, I work as a ICT Business Analyst and am planning on submitting the EOI soon. My question is if I submit for both 491 and 190, what are my chances of getting invited for 190? Will Migration SA consider inviting me for 491 over 190 if I apply for both? I have to apply for both due to the...
  8. S

    NT Inquiry about sponsorship for subclass 491 NT

    Hi, Can someone please help me out. I submitted my EOI and now preparing the 491 state application for NT. I need some clarification for the following. 1) They have requested financial capability of 35000 AUD. My brother agreed to transfer the required fund. But can I take the bank statement...
  9. E

    2019-2020 491 visa requirements

    dears as below website stating one have to stay 3 year in Australia to apply for immigration its not mandatory to live 5years for example one can plan 2 years stay at current country and then leave on the 491 visa to complete the years and requirments...
  10. B

    Study Requirement 491

    Hi guys! There is one thing I don't find any clear from the Immigration website. To meet the Study requirement and also the Study in Regional, does the study have to be related to the position applying? Can I study Business or Logistics for example in a regional are, if applying for an...
  11. R

    SA Regd. Mechanical Engineer Occupation Eligibility for South Australia

    Dear All, My occupation code is 233512 (Mechanical Engineer) with 75 + 15 = 90 points for 491 subclass. I am planning to apply for south Australia and as per the updated occupation list as on 06/12/19, my occupation is in "special condition apply" category. It reads, "Provisional 491 visa only...