subclass 500

  1. S

    Forgot to add a brief period of unemployment in visa application

    I have applied for a student visa subclass 500 and was contacted last week for additional information, including filling of forms 80 and 1221. While filling these forms, I realized that I had forgotten to mention a brief period of unemployment between my graduation and first job, where I was...
  2. B

    Student Visa 500- Financial Capacity Query

    Hi all, I have some queries regarding showing funds when applying for student visa. Me and my partner, we are currently on . 485 visa expiring next month.We have applied for PR, but waiting for invite.Hence we have decided to apply for student 500 visa with my partner as main applicant...
  3. X

    [500 Student Visa] How many months before my course starts can I apply for my student visa? 3 months? 4 months? 5 months?

    I want to apply for my student visa now because I just want to get it over and done with because visa applications give me anxiety. But my course starts in March, which is 6 months away. I think my genuineness might come into question if I apply right now - 6 months early. So when is the...
  4. J

    Australia Work condition 8104

    Hi there Thanks for your reading. I just heard people saying immi change the 8104 condition, so if you are the secondary applicant of master by course work student. You can’t work unlimited hours anymore. Is it true? Because I did not receive and any news from internet or agent. But I did...
  5. R

    Can my spouse lodge for Student Visa (Sub class 500) after lodging 189 Visa Application?

    Hi Team, My Spouse is applying for Australian Universities. I recently got an invite. I am primary applicant and she is added as migrating family member. Q1) Can she lodge for student visa after I lodge for 189 Visa? Q2) Can I lodge for 189 Just after she lodges for student visa or should I...
  6. NJsublass500

    Guide s57 NJ 4020 ban?

    (sublass500) anybody pls help, im in a deep trouble my s56 explanation is rejected and served with 4020 s57 Natural Justice (concealment of fact and to mislead homeoffice), just because agent hided USA visa refusals. what will happen? when will i get reply, classes will start in 3weeks, and its...