subclass 600

  1. sudp_nakarmi

    Subclass 600

    I applied to visit Australia for one month under subclass 600 visitor visa tourist stream no sponser. Documents I provided are SOP, passport having previous travel history multiple times to Germany, approved leave from two places where I work as a German language instructor( one in a higher...
  2. M

    2019-2020 Must i change visit date if target dates of travel have passed and visa has not been granted yet?

    Hi, I am really anxious.The immi account received my application for tourist visa subclass 600 officially on Nov 25, 2019 for an intended visit on Dec 10-20., 2019 When I did that, I was not fully aware of the global time process for subclass 600 (tourist visa) which was 27 days which has...
  3. Abby

    Family sponsor stream visa 600

    Hello.. I have recently applied for visa 189 PR from India and have already got the first case officer contact for the application requesting a few documents. My husband is already in Australia and has a PR. now we were looking for tourist visa sponsored stream 600 so that he can sponsor me and...