1. J

    190 visa processing time

    Hello everyone, I’ve applied for 190 visa on the 20th of December and the payment was made on the same day. The visa status is still received and a few of my colleagues got their 190 visa granted within 4 months but I’m still waiting. No case officer yet. According to the agent, all the...
  2. R

    ACS Skill assessment for Subclass 189

    Hi All I have my skills assessment done on the basis of my Bachelors in IT with the deduction of 2 years from India. Date of assessment is 10 May 2018. I am currently pursuing my Masters in IT and working part-time in IT. To claim 5 points for Australian work experience after 1 year, do I need...
  3. raghav2k14

    VIC subclass 190 ICT 261313

    Hello All, Can you please guide me. I lodged an EOI for Victoria 190 and as I am ICT applicant with job offer and had ACS I was eligible to apply directly to Victoria. But just in 1 week I received this reply from Victoria today: Thank you for the application for Victorian Government...