1. Brinsley

    Partner visa Subclass 309/100 wait time during covid.

    Hi, My partner has recently applied for subclass 309/100 visa from overseas and has been advised by the agent that her visa might take upto 18 months to be processed. I would like to know : When should we expect a case officer to be assigned to her case What to expect from the case officer...
  2. A

    Subclass 309- first entry, arrive by date Feb 2021

    Hello, I have a 309 grant letter with first entry, arrive by date as feb 2021. I dont have any travel restrictions as my husband is an australian citizen and I have a grant letter. Me and my husband are residing in united states. Considering the COVID-19 situation we are not comfortable...
  3. lada zadeh

    mistake in filling visa application

    hi everyone, when my husbands was filling my visa application, he answered a question wrong and it leads to wrong subclass for my visa application. the question was: Is the applicant applying for a prospective marriage visa? and he answered yes. this leads to set visa subclass 300 instead of...