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    Re-submit existing EOI

    I applied for the 189 and 190 - VIC categories through a migration agent in my country. They were the ones who submitted the EOIs on behalf of us and they're not allowing us to have access to see, edit or cancel it. Our experience with them has been very bad (bad attitude and we lost 5 points by...
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    Subclass 190 Timelines for 190 with 75 points ICT Business Analyst

    @MysticRiver Hi - Does anyone know the processing time for ICT business analyst for state of Victoria and NSW with 75
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    190 subclass | Submitted EOI | Victoria | 261313 Software

    Hi, have couple of questions. Currently 55 points, seeking 5 points from victoria state nomination. got ACS skills assessment under 261313 1. Any separate application needs to be submitted for Victoria state nomination apart from EOI? 2. Shall i file separate EOI for other state? Any...