subsequent entry pathway

  1. S

    Hi all, I need yours advise.

    I hold an Australian student visa(500) and I'm married. I'm in the process of applying for my student subsequent entrant 500. I just noticed that I uploaded a family booklet without her biological parents included but they are providing her with the financial support including my parents. Now...
  2. A

    Subsequent Entrant - 485 Visa

    Hi All, I am a holder of 485 visa (valid till Jan-2025). I recently got married and would like to bring my wife over as a subsequent entrant-485. Since I was not in a relationship back then, I had not added her in the original application. Does anyone know whether my partner can still be...
  3. Mina

    Guide 489 subsequent entry pathway process

    Hi. I have visa489 and since March 20 I've been in Australia. But my partner is not here with me as we are not married yet. We had a plan to get Married after my first entry in Australia but I got stuck here because of covid. Now we've decided to get Married remotely and apply for his subsequent...