1. H

    Suggestion to choose between 190 and 491 visa

    Hi, Currently I have applied for 190 visa with 65+5 points for Victoria ANZSCO code 261312. Also my points will increase with 5 in November. I need suggestions whether should l stick to 190 or try for 491 as it would be quick to get visa in 491. Also need to know which visa is better?
  2. Nishant Kumar

    Other name left unanswered in Partner Visa 309.

    Hi I need urgent help and advice related to one mistake that I made in the 309 application. I was using my first name Nishant everywhere and even on my passport. Now, I added my surname Kumar to it and full name is NISHANT KUMAR now. But in my application I said No in the section where I was...
  3. MysticRiver

    What feature is missing in MigrationDesk?

    Just want to know from all of you if you feel some feature is missing from MigrationDesk or, some improvement is desirable.